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June Artist Spotlight: Yasmin Ray

Our pick for June’s Artist Spotlight is Vancouver’s rising R&B star Yasmin Ray. The Vancouver native has always been heavily influenced by her father, a vocal coach and a praise team leader within the city, which has continuously played a hand in leading her on a stream of steadily working towards her craft. In alignment to her truth as a woman and an artist, she hopes to inspire and heal others, using her life as a vessel for positive change.

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Yasmin has been working on her creative passions and gifts since she was in high school. Yasmin's fearless dedication to her unique vision brought her to Atlanta, Georgia where she recorded her first EP titled "Blank Canvas", which marked the official blast off into her journey of an artist. Ray has been working away in the studio and has recently teamed up with producer Matty Busco and engineer Malcolm in the Mix on her single “Dreams” featuring JC. The anticipated single is set to release this summer and celebrates women who are going after their dreams fearlessly and unapologetically, regardless of how intangible some people may tell them it is and despite all the "no's" that come along the way. The inspiration behind the single was drawn from the everyday women in Yasmin’s life and that importance was carried all the way through into the making of the music video as well.

Tamara Black, one of the driving inspirations in Yasmin’s life, directed the music video and it will be her directorial debut. The singer crowns the music video as her proudest achievement within the music industry thus far, simply because any win that occurs in her career is only as sweet as who she can share it with. As an artist, sharing her energy with a following that is looking to feel understood, inspired and supported is the ultimate end goal with any of the work she puts out into the universe. The release date for the music video is still to be determined but until then, you can experience all the magic that is Yasmin Ray at the Portside Pub on Sunday, June 23rd alongside guests Dacey, Cenzina, Lowkita, and LAZ. Tickets available now in the link below.

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