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August Artist Spotlight: Jane Doe

This month’s Artist Spotlight is shining on local sibling-comprised band Jane Doe. Their authentic sound is weaved from the milieu of rock and roll with hints of grunge, classic rock and even some alternative mixed in. Jane Doe is the wave of people who identify with the past but shape the future.

Jane Doe August Spotlight.jpg

The Quartet is fronted by female powerhouse Izzy Kay and has been a 21-year project in the making. The idea behind the band name came from the fact that as a group, they don’t identify with any particular generation, especially the one they are “supposed” to be a part of. And just like when they can’t identify a person or body, they dub it Jane (or John) Doe. Above all else, Jane Doe is the generation that doesn’t fit a specific mould. The band released their debut album “Identified” earlier this year, which holds some of their most brutally honest tunes as of yet, including ‘Final Line’ and ‘Scar Territory’. The album has been dubbed a new multi-generational soundtrack, and we can’t help but anticipate so much more from these four. Their follow up album is already in the works and we can expect their first single ‘Desperado’ off the record any day now.

In addition to new music, Jane Doe has been performing shows with Live Acts Canada and are in the stages of glueing together a less traditional music video, but one with a purpose. The video will withhold a message for women survivors of abuse; all kinds of abuse, whether physical, mental, circumstantial or otherwise. All in support of various women’s groups and foundations, as well as educational entities that are supporting/advising on the same subject. This project has further allowed them to continue their path of championing people who identify with the past, but are shaping the future. To keep up to date with all things Jane Doe, follow the links below to never miss a thing.

Kassia Edwards