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December Artist Spotlight: Emma Citrine

Our pick for December’s Artist Spotlight is Emma Citrine. The Vancouver-born songwriter creates art that weaves unvarnished emotion together with the raw vitality of indie music. Her hauntingly minimalistic sound crosses genres and continues to provide assorted levels of musical and emotional exploration to the same listener, at different times. Her lonely songs for communal despair epitomize the importance of being unapologetically yourself.

Emma Citrine Int. Pic.jpeg

With stories that dig deep into depression, almost as if displaying her open wounds for the world to see, Citrine administers a delicate balance between self-deprecation and redemption. The effect she instills within her audiences is enrapturing and everlasting. Being able to contribute in an incremental way towards what someone else does or feels, just by creating music, is the aspect she says highlights her musical journey the most. Which was something showcased with her most recent album release “Shadowless”.

The Indie-Singer’s six-song album was followed by a music video for her track “Rei’s Song”, which was made alongside Vancouver’s very own Raunie Baker. Emma will be taking Shadowless on the road for a small Canadian tour in the spring of 2019. Until then, you can catch Emma headlining at the Railway Stage and Beer Cafe on Wednesday, December 12th, with special guests Porteau, The Caroline Allatt Band, and Cara Bateman. Tickets are now available in the link below.

Written by: Shania Coombs

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