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July Artist Spotlight: Chase The Bear

Our July artist spotlight is shining on Chase the Bear, Live Acts’ Best in Vancouver winners of 2018. Since becoming a band in 2017, there has been no denying that they have been on a high road to success right from the beginning, and we are excited to see where it takes them next.

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“Winning the competition really taught us to roll with the punches, and continue to grow despite some bumps in the road. For future bands doing the Best in Vancouver contest, absolutely destroy your competition, but do it in a loving, compassionate way. Support your fellow bands, talk them up, go to their shows, and get their audiences to come to your shows too. This thing is a community experience” - Connor (Drummer & one of the singers from Chase the Bear) 

Their eclectic sound has been best described as funky, catchy, and bright, with a twist of darkness. They draw their inspiration from the incredible songwriting of The Beatles, the hard-hitting instrumental proficiency of Led Zeppelin, and the various elements of funk, soul, and modern rock from everywhere in between. Since winning the title of Best in Vancouver, the guys have had a busy year. Recently, they’ve caught the eye of The Zone’s 91.3 Dj, Jon Williams, and have been featured in Beatroute Magazine. The bears will also be embarking on their first multi-province tour this month, which includes a show at the Grizfest music festival. If you’re patiently waiting for some new Chase the Bear music, you’ll be happy to hear that they will be back in the studio recording their new EP in the fall. They’ll be working alongside Malcom Owen-Flood from Band of Rascals.

If you can’t wait till the fall, make sure to catch them at The Railway Stage and Beer Café on Thursday, July 26th, before they head off on their tour. You can now purchase advance tickets in the link below.

Written by: Shania Coombs 


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