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February Artist Spotlight: Raene

This month’s artist spotlight pick is Raene, formerly known as Rachael Schroeder. Raene is a singer, songwriter, and producer hailing from Vancouver, BC. Her music is woven together by her synesthesia — the ability to perceive music and sound as colour, which allows her to paint her songs with a distinctive musical palette. All while, simultaneously creating a glimmering sense of belonging for each and every listener.

Raene Interview Graphic.jpg
I decided to name my onstage persona as though she was a character, while it is still a very authentic version of myself, my confidence and sass are much more amplified on stage than who I am every day.
— Raene

While her sound in the studio and at live shows was evolving, she wanted a name that reflected who she was becoming as an artist. After much exploration, she knew she wanted something that would tie in with her real name and something that predominantly oozed reds and blues at a first glance in her synesthetic mind. That is when “Raene”, which is a play on the French word for Queen (Reine), came about.

Since her rebranding, the self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist has released her very first single “You Just Let Me Fall”. The single is influenced by the unique production styling of Imogen Heap and lyrically speaks upon claiming your pain and making it into something beautiful. After much anticipation, she will be releasing her next single called “Fast Cars” on Friday, February 22nd. The track was her production guinea pig, as it was a single she continuously worked on while learning the ins and outs of creating music during her time at Nimbus School of Recording & Media. These two single releases will be followed up with her full EP, which is set for release this Spring. Until then, you can catch Raene on stage at the Portside Pub on Thursday, February 21st. Tickets now available in the link below.

Written By: Shania Coombs

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